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Partial Views load multiple times in latest version


We are developing a WPF application using CODE.framework where we NEED to have partial-views inside the expanders. Until current version, everything was working correctly.

Now we were trying to update our CODE.framework library to latest version i.e. 4.0.50402.0. But new changes seems to have strange behavior in processing of loading partial-views.

While starting application, the partial-view loads once. This is correct. But if we expand the expander containing the same partial-view, it loads it again - i.e. Controller's associated action gets called again, also if there are multiple nested expanders, it loads the partial-view for every parent expander. And because of these we have multiple instances of partial-views loaded at once and that creates numerous problems like inconsistent property values for such view-model instances.

I've created 2 test projects the one (TestApp001) using the latest version of CODE.framework (v 4.0.50402.0), and the other (TestApp002) using earlier version (v 4.0.50120.0). You can verify this new behavior by running these 2 projects in debug mode with breakpoints in Module1Controller.PartialView1() method.

So, can you please check if there is anything wrong in the latest framework code, or let us know how to handle this situation? (we need expanders).

Waiting for your reply.
Thanks in advance.

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MarkusEgger wrote Apr 22, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Yikes, that is not good! I will take a look at this ASAP.