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What CODE FW tools would be the best approach?

May 3, 2013 at 10:26 PM

One of the other discussions we have had got me thinking of an alternative approach.

I have a large number of forms that use many page frames to show all the data. For example, someone might own a number of pets. Each pet has individual attributes that need to be recorded. They might also own a number of cars, again, each with specific settings. Right now, we have a main page for a person, with their primary info on the first tab, then other tabs for things like cars, pets, etc. And on those tabs, there may be additional tab fames. I am sure you have seen many apps like this in the past.

I am thinking of changing it so that instead of tabs, we use expandable sections. So the main display would show the default information about the person and beneath that would be a number of lines representing pets, cars, etc. If I click on the appropriate icon, the section expands and shows me all the items for that band.

So I might click on the cars bar and see a list of all the cars. If I then click on a car, it expands to show me all the detail about that car. And there may even be a detail band within that section.

Also, the detail within each bar would be the same i.e. If I click on the car bar, I should see the same details and layout for the second car as I see for the first, etc.

And, of course, there needs to be the ability to add/remove the items.

Does the Code FW support such a control? If so, could you point me to an example so I can learn more about it?

If not, do you know of any approaches I might use to implement such a control?


May 16, 2013 at 11:31 PM
See the other message. But to add to that: I think developing with standard tab controls would be the best approach here and then just style those tabs so they look very different. I could imagine that quite well. But a detailed explanation of this would go quite a bit beyond of what I can cover in a short answer :-)

Take a look at this video of mine to get a good idea of what styled tabs can look like: