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Expression Blend???

Jul 9, 2013 at 12:19 AM

In one of the classes I took, you used Expression Blend to work on a WPF form, configure resources, etc. You made it look quite easy (but then, you can usually make anything look easy). So I tried opening a CODE FW project (no ASP, just desktop stuff) and it complained about tons of stuff.

Could it be that I need to do something or configure EB in a way that it doesn't complain and will allow me to work?

Of course, Kaxaml also has problems, but then, it doesn't even try to open the project.


Jul 11, 2013 at 10:09 AM
Basically, when opening a project in Blend, Blend searches for all referenced resources. That works well for static resources, since they are so inflexible and have to be "findable" by simple lookup, but it doesn't work well for dynamic resources, since they are loaded in all kinds of ways during runtime, and they are swapped in and out and so forth.

Blend has a way to handle that. You can define "design time resources". This way, you can give Blend one set of resources and basically say "pretend these are available". Personally, I never do this, since it clutters the project with this design-time specific information and I generally do not really need it.

I should also add that I never design the actual views in Blend. The views the way we define them in CODE Framework are quite simple and don't really require much of a visual editor. In fact, if you start messing with them in Blend, you will probably end up with hundreds of settings in your view that are not required. It just makes a mess, really. You can use it if you want, but there isn't a real benefit to it that's worth the hassle. When it comes to resource dictionaries however, that's where the rubber hits the road, because one tends to do interesting things visually that really benefit from a visual designer. That is what I use Blend for. And editing resource dictionaries should work well in Blend the way things are by default.