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Implementing help

Aug 31, 2013 at 2:53 AM

I have a word file which is used to generate a CHM file used by a winforms app. I want to use that same file in a CODE FW application.

Does the FW currently have any support for any form of help for "Whats this", context sensitive, and/or general user help?

If not, do you at least have some recommendations as to which approach I should consider (the help class - even though it appears to be designed for winforms, just links to an html file, etc.)?

Sep 5, 2013 at 12:19 AM
We are not doing anything special with CHM help files, but we also aren't doing anything to keep you from using it. Take a look at some online topics like this one:

You could also consider to do non-CHM help. One of the features of WPF that goes way underutilized is the ability to show rich text content. You could do your help in XAML format and display it right inline with a superb degree of control over the content and layout, and also being able to actually add interactive content into your help. It would be quite easy to create a topic that says "step 1... do this.... step 2... do that" and then you could make the steps clickable and navigate to those steps right within your app.

Or of course, you could overlay kind of a tutorial right over your views.

Lots of cool options in WPF. This is something I would like to support at the framework level at some point. So many ideas, so little time :-)