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Oct 28, 2013 at 6:55 PM
One feature missing from virtually every framework is a login screen with the service and encryption features. This stuff is tedious to write and pretty much always required.. does this framework provide that? Haven't seen a discussion on this yet...

Oct 29, 2013 at 5:31 AM

One reason for that is that there are so many ways to deal with authentication. But all the building blocks are there. In fact, if you build a project by specifying the CODE FW template, then it automatically creates the UI and some of the basic blocks for you. It's up to you to define the rest, depending on the type of app.

For example, if it is a Windows app, you can simply use a WindowsPrincipal class to manage it. But if you want to use services, then you would pass the credentials to the back end and have that authenticate the user.

In my case, I have a fairly complex security module - not only for log in, but which forms/menus are visible, which forms are read only, which fields/lables are visible/read only, etc. So it's really neat that I can use their tools to implement my needs, and it works fairly easily.

In a more standard environment, once you have a Principal defined, you can just use that and CanExecute to control what happens. It's actually quite simple.

In terms of encryption, .NET includes a number of classes to handle encryption. So I am not sure where you feel that the FW needs to also provide encryption. My only guess might be in passing the credentials to a BE system. Since you define the interface, it's easy to define the BE to expect an ecrypted value that it then converts back to a meaningful value. Why don't they just do it? Again, in my case, I need a couple of layers of encryption. My guess is you don't.

I am sure that Markus will chime in as well since he knows the FW infinitely better than I. And there are some discussions on the topic as well, if you want to look for those.

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