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What template is the right choice?

Apr 19, 2015 at 7:33 AM

I want to investigate if I can use CODE.Framework for my own WPF-application.

My UI-Goal is: I have a View that are splitet horizontal. In the top area I want to place Edit-Controls (Textboxes, Checkboxex, Listboxes). They should be arranged in 2 or 3 columns. Behind all Edit controls I want to have a "Help"-Control.

In the down area shoulb be a datagrid with the list of all posible and saved entries of my database.

I the user select one entry in the datagrid, the Edit-Controls will fill with the currentEntryData and can edit or delete. If the user change something and will select another entry a messegabox come up with "Save or discard"-message.

Which template of the CODE.Framework is the best choice to archive that? And what should I use, if a want a horizontal splitter (Complete list of entires on the left side and the data entry controls on the right side?

Thanks for your comments and helpfull tips
Apr 22, 2015 at 6:46 PM

Yes, that is doable relatively easily.

The details depend on what you would like to do exactly. For the horizontal split, it sounds like you can just use the standard WPF Grid element and the resize can be done with a GridSplitter. The layout for the edit part can be done with the CODE Framework Edit Form Layout element which can lay out an edit control arrangement automatically.

As far as the actual data navigation goes, that is a pretty standard view-model setup and should be straightforward.