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"Sticky" pages in File menu with Workplace theme

Feb 13 at 3:33 PM
Is there an easy way to create a "sticky" page in the file menu of the workplace theme? I found an article indicating that showing a view with ViewLevel.TopLevel will dock the view in the right-hand section of the file menu page. However, I can't seem to make buttons in the view that behave like real office/ribbon apps where the button is stuck down while the top level view is shown.
Any suggestions?

Nov 21 at 11:22 PM

sorry. I know this reply is way late. But we stopped monitoring this discussion board due to Codeplex shutting down.

Anyway: This is supported. You can associated a view with a view-action. The framework and the Workplace theme recognize that the action has an associated view and just make it show up as desired. Also, a view-action can be flagged as the default one, so you can immediately have a certain view show up when the menu opens.